So we're now a little over a month of having Destiny 2 bestowed upon us. If you're like me, there has been a void left in you with the Halo franchise ever since Bungie left and Microsoft Studios took over completely. The chance to play a Bungie created game again is something that I have been looking forward too since... well since the first Destiny game.

While reviews have been good, gameplay is decent and the whole PVP/PVE element of the game incorporated in a first person shooter is always a nice twist, there is STILL something that the game is missing. Now, here is a disclaimer... I AM A DESTINY FAN! Crazy right? Why would I create a negative blog topic on a game if I actually like it and spend hours on hours playing? The simple answer is, I have very high expectations.

From the commercials with the always funny Cayde-6 and the ever so serious Zavala, to the highly anticipated reveal at E3, I as a fan of Bungie and of the franchise was just simply expecting a little more. The maps are dry after a few plays, the campaign is just an excuse to get your rank up and get some weapons, and lastly... THERE IS STILL NO RANKING SYSTEM! One thing that I always wanted Bungie to incorporate into Destiny was their Halo 2 ranking system, it just makes the game more fun and thrilling!

While I love Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters, one of the three are so OP it's not even funny. (Yes I'm talking about you, Hunter users) I myself am a Warlock main and damn proud of it, but the golden gun super Hunters possess is just so unfair that it's not even funny (as unfair supers go anyways). That's really my only issues with the classes, I think Bungie did a great job with dividing power between the three kind of evenly, we really see the same issues from the last game incorporated into here.

Another thing is this frickin Leviathan Raid! WHAT THE HECK BUNGIE! Why create a Raid that is like a puzzle! I'm all for challenges but at least make the Guide feature work! It's hard to come across 5 other people that are willing to deal with a complete novice when it comes to the raid! There is just a lot of things that I can list that would make this game 10x better.

I guess I should give credit where credit is due. Destiny 2 is a great game for all types of gamers. You don't have to put in insane amount of hours at a time, and you don't have to play every day. For a guy like me who has a 9-5 Job and does have other things to do being a recent college graduate, I don't have the time I used to, to play video games. Destiny 2 really fits into my life, which is something the creators stressed a lot throughout building the hype of the game.

All in all, like I said... I am a fan of the game. I just want to see some things done better, especially since I'm comparing it to games from the past that still stand on-top of my all-time ranks. I give Destiny 2 a 7/10 which is still pretty good. You should still go out and try it for yourself even after reading my post, maybe you'll find it more enjoyable than me!

Make sure to comment below your thoughts!

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