This whole blogging thing is pretty hard to be honest haha. What the fu*** could I write about that actually would want to be read? My whole thing in starting this site was just to give the normal gamer some interesting material to read while passing time. No BS, nobody is paying me to write reviews, just honest posts that are kinda fun to read.

I recently just downloaded this free game last week called "Fortnite". It's a PVP/PVE game that pits you against 100 other people on an island that seemingly gets smaller by the minute due to a storm that eliminates everyone caught in it. You're forced to all go to a centralized area and the last man standing wins! Sounds fun right? Sounds even more familiar right? I bet you're all thinking a few things. Either I'm just late on the game, it sounds painfully similar to PUBG, or what's the catch?

To be honest, at first Fortnite is just a stopgap for me while I wait for PUBG to be released on Console but now it has become something even bigger. It's a great game for the casual gamer which most people are, and honestly the way I see it, it MIGHT be in the running for GOTY.

Lets start with what it does best. HELLO IT'S FREAKIN FREE! What more of a reason do you need to download it? Ya'll were expecting me to go into detail about the in game mechanics, the online play, hints and tricks that separate the game from everything else were you? Nah.

Simply put, it's an entertaining game that passes time pretty quickly. The point of the game is not to eliminate but to survive just always remember that. Stop wasting time and go download it before Epic changes their mind. You can download it on every platform from PC to Xbox and jump right in. The game easily can be priced at $25 and I'd still buy it, so it being free is just an added boost in its appeal. While it does lag, and it's a little cartoony (yes I made that word up) for my own taste, the pros heavily outweigh the cons. Take my advice... DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

What do you think of Fortnite? Comment below!

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